There is no reason any customer should be unhappy so I offer a money back guarantee   After a portrait is completed to my liking I will send a picture via email.  Customers are welcome to request changes, and If for some reason the customer does not like the painting, the painting will not be shipped and they will receive their money back.


10 x 8 inches


Time lapse Video

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see a few examples of Basic Spark Portraits.  Basic Spark Portraits are painted quickly to capture your loved ones spark.  I use your photos or ones from a professional photographer.  All Spark Portraits are painted in oil and glazed to last generations.


Special commissions can vary greatly in size, detail and creativity.  Where "Basic", "Bigger" and "Double Portraits" are quickly painted portraits of a loved ones head and shoulders, Special commissions can include many other elements such as a special landscape, or certain concepts and can offer greater detail and careful rendering.  See some examples of private commissions.

This painting is of Summer and Camile. Two coming of age sisters with the world ahead of them.  They float in the backdrop of their Hamptons seascape yard on top of childhood dreams of rainbows and unicorns.  This painting is 5.5 x 7 feet. Oil on canvas.

Above are two portraits commissioned by Elizabeth Gilbert - New York Times Best Selling Author  ("Eat Pray Love", 

This painting was commissioned by a good friend of their first child.  A few years later I painted their second child when they reached the same age that this one was when I painted him.

12 x 12 Inches oil on canvas 2015

"Greta Greene" 2015

12 x 12 in.  

Oil on canvas

This is a special diptych made for my Solo show at J. Cacciola Gallery in Chelsea called "Difference and Disorder"

"Isaac Rice", 2013

oil on canvas

30 x 40 inches each

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